‘Zero deaths in those who’s Vit D blood level are above 55 ng/ml’ Dr John Campbell



Our body’s immune system is number one in protecting us from viral and bacterial infections.  This is what God/Nature designed it to do!  Research is showing that those who are succumbing to this virus have compromised immune systems. They may have underlying vascular problems, diabetes, low vitamin A, C and D levels, or have had their immune systems severely compromised by having a flu vaccine in the previous 3 years. Those who live and work in close proximity to high EMF pollution are succumbing more than others it seems, and 5G will make it even worse.

I would urge people to focus on building their immune system rather than building up fear for a virus with a 99.98% survival rate.

In February 2020 the cruise ship Diamond Princess carrying predominantly elderly passengers got infected with Covid19.  Closed environment, elderly passengers, no social distancing or mask wearing.  A worse case scenario I would think?  Total number onboard – 3711. 712 became infected – only 19%!! And between 8 and 14 people were reported to have died.  IE 0.2% – 0.3% was their mortality rate – in a high risk age bracket.  We knew that in February 2020!!!! This is no killer disease despite what the Mainstream Media and world governments are telling us.

Studies show than an early immune response is vital in reducing the severity of the disease. Don’t wait till you get it. If your immune system is good, your symptoms will be mild or non-existent.  There is then little to no chance of you spreading the virus if you are asymptomaticMask wearing, social distancing, and fear, all reduce one’s immune system dramatically. (For the latest meta analysis of mask protection click here)

If you are considering getting the ‘vaccine’, then I would suggest you read this article..

We are social creatures. Be responsible, if sick, stay at home, but if you do not have symptoms then do connect with friends and family as social connection boosts our immune systems.



There are effective treatments that have success rates of virtually 100% – these fall under the heading of Lysosomotropic Agents, EG Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Quercetin etc, combined with Zinc.

Also, very important, every home should have a nebulizer. More info below.

According to the WHO research, asymptomatic people are ‘highly unlikely to spread the virus”.

Science is showing that person to person transmission in households is is very low, and therefore, even lower in less closed environments like shopping malls, beaches, parks etc.  Viruses are generally aerosol in nature and circulate the Globe in the air currents, and the only way to avoid them completely is to live in a sealed oxygen tent, which is insane.  So the best way of preventing becoming ill is to keep one’s immune system in optimal condition.


There are many thousands of doctors around the world having good rates of recoveries with their patients using alternative therapies. I believe the time of trusting big pharma or government employees to look after our health are over.  Doing our own research and taking more responsibility for our own health, is now key.  I highly recommend following The World Doctors Alliance. Particularly Dr Simone Gold.  I highly recommend her  lecture. 









As I wrote back in my April newsletter of 2020, the most damaging virus being spread is not Covid19, but rather fear.  Fear drops our immune system by a huge margin. So, number one is to socially distance ourselves from all fear driven mainstream media as well as any social media or any ‘friends’ which are fear based.  (I personally do not have a TV in our home, and haven’t had one for 15 years now.)

Above all – focus your inner feelings on Love rather than fear. 


Here are my 13 suggestions:



Vitamin D may be the number 1 preventative measure against this disease.  I recommend having a blood test to check your current Vit D level, and, then for maximum protection, take steps to see that you get it up to over 70 ng/mL, (Vit D supplement should be taken with K2).  Take a high dose supplement (5 000 mg per day) and/or suntan when your shadow is shorter than your body, for 20min 4 times a week, with 60 – 80% skin exposure.  Research is showing that when your Vit D blood level reaches 55 ng/mL and higher, that chance of dying as a direct cause from Covid is zero.

Great discussion on VitD: watch this. 


Ivermectin works – click here for the science.   Pity the SA Gov is doing its best to discredit Ivermectin use for humans in SA*, as that seems to be having close to a 100% cure rate around the world. I suggest everyone does their own research and become informed. There are currently 27 peer reviewed scientific studies showing its amazing effectiveness against Covid19, and it’s been on the market for over 40 years, with a good safely record. It is still available from some vets in SA.

*LATEST UPDATE: due to legal action the SA Government was forced to lift it’s restrictions for the availability of Ivermectin in South Africa.  This is a major win for the people of South Africa against this virus. 

If anyone requires absolute scientific proof of Ivermectin’s effectivity and safety, then take a look at world leading research analysist Dr Tess Lawrie’s work.  







Supplement with Quercetin (or Hydroxychloroquine) with Zinc every day, and Vitamin C.

If you develop any symptoms, eg a sore throat, deep gargle with Himalayan salt and warm water 3 times a day.

Research has shown that a Vitamin C IV drip and/or Ozone Therapy is highly effective in reducing the symptoms and duration of this disease. I also find Olive Leaf Extract works well in boosting the immune system, and NAC for dissolving any mucus in the lungs. Artemisia Annua is a herb which has strong anti-parasitic and anti viral properties. VIRO-ZAP by Nature Fresh is a really good herbal preparation. (It also contains Vit D, but only 1000mg, so one would probably need extra supplementation of D.  The recommended daily dose of D is 4000 – 5000mg)


Dr. David Brownstein has successfully treated more than 230 COVID-19 patients using immune boosting strategies such as intravenous or nebulized peroxide, Lugol’s iodine, oral vitamins A, C and D, and intramuscular ozone. None has died from the infection. Every home should have a nebulizer.  


Putting factory produce or products into our bodies lowers our body’s ability to fight infections.  Eat fresh, eat organic, eat local. Cut out anything containing man-made chemicals like MSG, glyphosate or aspartame  etc, and reduce all sugars and increase good fats in your diet.


Increasing lung capacity and keeping our body oxygenated is vital to good health, and I would suggest daily yoga and pranayama breathing.  Dr Zack Bush’s 4 min workout is excellent in this regard and I practice this most mornings.  Mask wearing does limit the amount of oxygen that your brain and body receives, and I believe, given the known scientific information available on the damage that prolonged mask wearing causes, it is criminal that governments and ‘health’ agencies have been promoting them. They do not prevent viral infection. They are NOT designed to do this. This is not a so-called conspiracy theory – their packaging clearly states this for anyone to read!

  1. SLEEP

Getting a good night’s sleep is an excellent way of keeping our immune system fully charged. Switching off all electronic screens at least an hour before going to bed helps the brain get into a better state for a relaxed night’s sleep.  Quality 2 hours sleep before midnight has been found to greatly boost the immune system. Melatonin’s role in our health and wellbeing should not be underestimated, and this is produced at this time. For this purpose see that your bedroom is totally dark at night.


Above all, realise that your mind is so very powerful in creating outcomes.   Spend some time each day stilling the mind, either through meditation, walks in nature or by practicing yoga or Qi Gong.  These have many profound health benefits for the mind and body.  I also recommend daily positive affirmations and visualisations.


Be aware that this is not only a physical war, but a spiritual war.  Prayer and meditation are vital at this time.  Remaining centered and inhabiting a mind/energy space of peace is vital at this time. Invest at least half an hour each and every morning to your spiritual work before you start your day


Dr Zelenko has made worldwide headlines with his success in treating Covid19.  Here is his protocol.


Due to prolonged mask wearing many people may suffer secondary bacterial infections in the respiratory tracks as well as neurological damage.  This was pointed to by Antony Fauci in his 2008 paper which indicated that in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic,  probably more people died from bacterial infections than from the actual virus. Antibiotics could well work miracles in Covid19 patients in this regard, but beware of Midazolam, which can cause serious breathing problems.   Consult your doctor.

 The current advice given on the WHO’s website is still not to use masks unless you have the virus and are at risk of infecting others, or looking after those who may be infected with coronavirus.


This is the least talked about, the most censored on almost all media platforms and probably the most important component in what is unfolding at the moment.  I urge you to research this subject yourself and limit your and your family’s exposure as much are you can, particularly to 5G.


Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19

For a deeper look at what has been unfolding over the last 20- 30 years to bring this situation about I highly suggest watching this interview with Robert F. Kennedy.  His knowledge is astounding to say the least.




Recent studies have shown that Linoleic Acid (LA) wrecks our health.  LA is the main component of Omega 6. I would urge anyone who wishes to radically improve their overall health, to reduce their intake of LA for 15 days and then see the impact on their health.



In my opinion, the virus was created to justify the rollout of the so called ‘vaccine’ (gene and Nano-bot therapy), leading to the inevitable ‘Vaccine Passports’, which would then be morphed into a new financial system with totalitarian control over each and every individual.

Take a moment to watch this short clip on the ‘passports’.

The info I have shared above is from my research as well as what I do, or would do, personally. I am not a medical doctor. My advice is to consult an Integrative doctor, as well as a local clinic which offers interventions like Ozone and Vit C IV. I can recommend LifeShine in Stellenbosch, but there will be ones in your part of the world that one can consult.

I trust you have found this helpful.  Please share.

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In closing, now is the time to shift our consciousness from fear to LOVE.🙏🏼

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To end, I’d like to leave you with a quote from the book A New Earth, written by Eckhart Tolle, the very last sentence in his book:

 “A new species is arising on the planet.

It is arising now, and you are it!”