87% of people fear public speaking more than death itself. Yet, a natural speaking style is your most powerful communications tool.

Effective Public Speaking, Presentation & Communication Skills

With Master Speaker & Presenter

John Homewood

“You Succeed in life, in both money and happiness, according to your ability to communicate” – Dale Carnegie

Learn how to shift fear & anxiety into excitement and even joy!

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The EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEAKING & PRESENTATION SKILLS programme is devised for people across all sectors who need to communicate more effectively, be it in the form of group meetings & teaching, social media broadcasts, private gathering, presentations, interviews, sales calls, television interviews or conveying corporate policy to the public.

We live in the age of communication and yet almost 90% of people fear public speaking more than death! 

Releasing fear is a big one to living an abundant and fulfilled life.

Deals are lost and relationships are ruined due to inadequate and unclear communication.

 A relaxed, confident, natural speaking style can be your most powerful tool, and the EFFECTIVE SPEAKING & PRESENTATION SKILLS programme provides you with the necessary tools and confidence to enable you to present in front of groups of people – even at short notice!

 It is an intensive two-day learning experience that arose from the need for the upgrading of communication skills in companies. Being able to communicate properly and effectively ensures that as an individual, company or group, you will be heard in the market place.

 There are only a few places left so don’t delay.  This could be the shift you have been waiting for.

This powerful, transformational course presented by

John Homewood

includes both Speaking & Presentation skills as well as John’s unique & valuable life skills coaching.

For your company in-house training, or training in other regions, please email us.

On Completion of this training delegates will know how to:

  • Speak to groups more confidently and professionally
  • Plan and prepare presentations more effectively
  • Handle difficult people and ‘think on their feet’
  • Keep the audience’s attention and gain audience acceptance of your message
  • Use visuals for maximum impact
  • Interact with the audience, taking questions and feedback


This intensive, interactive yet enjoyable programme will give you the skills you need to make an impact on any audience, whether that audience is one person or one thousand.

More about the course

is a highly participatory, enjoyable and fun course.  It incorporates a combination of features found in no other communications-training programme:

  • Four to six video’d presentations by each participant
  • Private coaching sessions
  • Training on how to establish and sustain effective eye communication
  • Mastering the use of gestures, posture and movement to make a smoother, more confident presentation
  • Eliminating the use of empty filler sounds (the “errs” and “umms”) from communication efforts
  • Making dress and appearance a harmonious part of a total communications impact
  • Incorporating humour appropriately, with confidence
  • Using the Grid System, a tool to help organize concepts for presentations, even at short notice
  • Impromptu speaking
  • The correct use of visual aids, i.e. slides, overhead projectors, laptops, etc.
  • Handling of questions and answers
  • Media/ Television Presentations

Who Should Attend this training?

Individuals at all levels who are required to speak in front of others, from training, sales and public presentations, to corporate boardroom or TV presentations

John Homewood’s Top Ten Tips in Speaking and Presenting:

1. Focus on Giving in your presentation! Focus on adding value to the listeners lives in a real way.  What creates fear and anxiety within us is when we focus is on ourselves and our needs.  Let your whole attention be with what you are giving to your audience, rather than on yourself.  It’s great to be a giver!!  This simple shift in focus will empower you greatly.

2. Memorize a great quote or surprising statistic to open with.  This breaks the ice for you as well as gaining the audience’s interest.

3.  Watch diet. To help with reducing nerves, try taking all processed food and refined sugars out of your diet 48 hours before giving a presentation – works like magic!

4. Taking Spirulina every day to start your day will greatly diminish your anxiety and fear! Spirulina is a great nerve tonic!  It has a unique, strong, salty taste, (which some find unpleasant), it is therefore best mixed with your favorite smoothie or fresh juice. Start with 1/2 a teaspoon and gradually build up to 1-2 teaspoons of Spirulina powder daily.  It’s amazing how much calmer and focused you become.

5. The ‘pause’ is one of the most powerful ingredients in public speaking and presenting.  Intellegently inserted spaces in your presentation adds tremendous power to your message. A 2 – 5 second pause correctly used can enhance the power and effectiveness of your message.

6. Smile!  A smile lightens up any presentation, and makes you feel good too!

7. Breathe!!  Before you start a presentation take a moment to slow and deepen your breathing.  Breathe from your stomach, not from your upper chest!  This will slow your heart rate, and diminish the fight & flight response, allowing you to give a more intelligent and relaxed presentation.

8. Use the Power of Visualization. Visualize the end result you desire; hear the applause in your imagination, and see people congratulating you on a good, moving presentation.  You will be amazed with the results!

9. Speak from your heart; people are quickly bored by too much mind stuff. Always include one or two short, appropriate personal stories.  People love personal experience.

10. Close with a call to action; Ask for some immediate positive action from the audience.


JOHN HOMEWOOD is a master speaker and teacher, and has an amazing ability as a trainer and facilitator, conducting seminars in a heart centred, relaxed and clear easy-to-grasp way.  He leaves the delegates with practical life tools, exceeding expectations. His radio talks, workshops and lectures are mind opening and inspire life shifts.

International speaker, corporate management consultant, producer of the MindSync range of self-help products, and founder of Wisdom To Nourish, John has a passion for expanding people’s awareness and understanding of their own potential.

His company, Mind Enhancement Systems, provides a range of practical self-growth programmes, available for download.

John Homewood also works in collaboration with Michelle McClunan in conducting transformational online courses. Please see  www.journeysofawakening.com


This powerful, transformational course presented in person by Master Speaker, John Homewood, includes both Speaking, Presentation & Communication skills as well as transformational life skills coaching.

For your company in-house training,  please  email us.

Investment:    R12 500 per delegate 

BONUS! Send 9 staff and get the 10th one free!

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“This course was more than just a public speaking course.  It was excellent.  It made me break out of my shell, and be able to speak in front of people.  I’ll definitely be coming back for more courses.” Sanelisiwe Sithole

“Good evening John,
Please accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation for this valuable, practical and most useful course…….Last year, I spent R 38 000 on the attendance of a so-called Public Speaking Development Course at a Speaker Bureau in Johannesburg without gaining anything close the efficiency of your course. The presenters actually informed me only about very basic aspects that I was already familiar with.

Once again – thank you, John!
Grateful and resonating regards,
Dr K. du Toit”


“Hi John
I wanted to say thank you so much again for being able to attend the seminar, I took away so much from it and I will keep recommending it to people. Thank you, I feel blessed and filled with gratitude.
Lara Boshoff

“Fantastic!  Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of presentation.  The best course I’ve ever done.”  – Dilana Howell, MD Going for Gold

“Just awesome!!! John is really an inspiration.” Gina Lynne, Halls Attorneys

“This course was inspiring; I learnt more than I thought I was going to be exposed to!  The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. Thank you.”  Surajudin Latief – Business Entrepreneur

“Wonderful experience! Filled with experiential practice. I really enjoyed it.” – Maria Martinez – Ruiz

“Nerve racking, intensive & thoroughly enjoyable!” – B. Kendal