The topic most on peoples lips at the moment is the Corona Virus.  Do a Google search for Corona Virus and 5 340 000 000 search results appear!  I guess this draws more  attention than anything else, and for good reason; our lives will never be the same again after this event.

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Earth planet viewed from space


Now the way I see it is that there are not one, but three viruses doing the rounds at the moment – all three capable of infecting us and altering our future.


The first, and most obvious one associated with allegedly causing the Covid19 syndrome.   This is the one people are most focused on as it is projected by the WHO and the media to wreak havoc in our world.  Yet, this is probably the least important one!  I won’t address this virus here, as most of us already have indigestion, caused by the overload of information/disinformation floating around the electronic media.  In South Africa, first we had State Capture by the Guptas, and now we have World Capture by the Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation and the billionaires who meet at Davos and who control the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization  (WHO) UN etc, who will then push to get the world vaccinated.


The most dangerous virus, in my opinion, is not a Corona virus, but rather the virus that many of us are in contact with on a daily basis, and which so many people are now, unfortunately, infected with and many will die as a result of.  This second one, in my opinion, can do way more major damage to physical, mental, and spiritual health than the Covid19 virus; this is the virus called Fear. This may manifest as outbreaks of anger, anxiety, and or depression.

We know from a physiological point of view the immense damage that fear does to the body.  The damage that fear causes to our immune systems and mental functioning has been well researched and documented.  You are far more likely to catch a serious cold or flu after a life shock or after experiencing fear, than when you are happy and enjoying life or are in love!

While virus One, it seems, is spread by air and possibly by human contact, virus Two is spread verbally, electronically and vibrationally, person to person.  Most infections here can be traced back to the controlled media, both mainstream and social, but also have their roots firmly planted in a person’s thinking and perceptions.  Transmission and infection rates are high, and, after contracting it, increase the body’s susceptibility to virus One, by lowering the body’s immune and energetic systems.


There are scientists who describe the Covid19 virus as an ‘energy vampire’, as it has no means of generating its own energy and needs to take massive amounts of energy from its host in order to survive and replicate. So, having our energy depleted in any way by fear is a great danger, and should be avoided.


Fear is a false perception of separation from life.  It’s a feeling of disconnection and vulnerability.  It’s a false belief that the ego, the body and possessions, are our identity. And it’s a lack of trust in Life and the perfection of Life.  But most importantly, it’s a belief in time, (past & future), rather than presence.  In fact, it can be said that people are infected with the ‘time virus’.  Time kills everybody in the end!

Fear and Time go hand in hand.  Love and Presence are one and the same.

It is interesting to note, that the tool of separation (fear) has always been used to control people and to get them to do what the ‘powers that be’ want them to do.   Fear promises security in the future, yet delivers nothing of any real human value, ever!  Evil is consciousness devoid of love.  Evil uses fear as its primary tool to control the minds of others.  A narrative of fear always comes from evil.


These first two viruses are the ones we should be protecting ourselves and our families from and limiting our risk of infection.  We do this by boosting our body and mind’s immune system to them.  With regards the Corona virus, there are many effective alternative ways to do this being recommended by highly qualified doctors through the alternative media at this time, which show very good results by boosting our Zinc levels (combined with Quercetin for absorption), Vit A, C & D and oxygenating the body with yoga, exercise etc.

Update: Patients tested positive for COVID-19 who are taking a combination of Ivermectin and Doxycycline are experiencing a 100% success rate.

The 2nd Virus, is by far the most detrimental one long term, to both us as individuals as well as to the whole of humanity, This one may be mitigated, right now, by switching off the TV, making only limited and selected use of social media, and being extremely mindful of what we hold in our heads and hearts.  Being mindful of the words that flow from our mouths and the conversations we engage in, is another vital one to be looked at.  A dedicated daily practice of stilling the mind and connecting with the life within, is a powerful preventative tool against virus one and two.


And the third virus, well it’s hardly a virus, but let’s for this conversation liken it to a virus, is love. Love can also be spread like a virus, transmitted person to person, either by close proximity, electronically or vibrationally. This is the one that will boost our immune system immensely, and help heal the world at the same time. Isn’t this the one we should actively be spreading at this time?


Love is connection, compassion, empathy and caring.  Love flows through the portal of acceptance and non-judgement.  Love allows others to be exactly who they are. Love is our felt sense of connection with life in all its myriads forms and expressions. Love is our true state of Being.
It’s interesting to note that love has no need to control or manipulate.  While it promises nothing, it delivers everything of real human value.


Be mindful of which one of these viruses you carry and which one you transmit to others.
Use this time to reconnect more with your inner Being.  Make the present moment your main focus, rather than mind/time.  Pay more attention to what IS, rather than what isn’t.

Remember, all healing is ultimately the healing of fear.


Now is the time to be mindful of which world we want ourselves and our children and grandchildren to live in:  A world infested and controlled by disconnection & fear, or a world awash with the loving embrace of connection, empathy and compassion.

The choice is ours: whatever we feed with our attention, grows.


The world will never be the same again.  Besides the ongoing threat of this or another infection, there are the daunting draconian changes that have been imposed on our lives and livelihoods.  The instability and uncertainty of this time is creating immense stress and anxiety for many people, which is understandable.  However it’s to realise and accept that the ‘old world’ was already unsustainable, and as such, had to die.  This transition is now an opportunity for a New Earth to be birthed.  As any parent will attest, giving birth is no fun and has its risks, but once over, the result is well worth the pain.

We have to let go of the old for the new to be born.

To end, I’d like to leave you with a quote from the book A New Earth, written by Eckhart Tolle, the very last sentence in his book:

“A new species is arising on the planet.
It is arising now, and you are it!”

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Much love as we move deeper into these transformative times.



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