Up-coming seminars with Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher John Homewood


“I’ve had the privilege to attend various courses and talks presented by John Homewood.  John has his own special way of interweaving profound life truths into his very professional corporate courses.  When you attend a public speaking course, you don’t just learn to overcome your fear of speaking to a larger group of people, you also discover parts of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.  John has developed bespoke courses to suit our group of companies’ needs, reinforcing our ethos and company culture whilst teaching our employees valuable soft skills.  It has had a profound effect on our staff – the growth and transformation were remarkable.  John has proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks and old habits don’t die that hard!

Whether it be one-on-one sessions or group sessions, John instils a sense of calm and being present in the moment – nothing else matters except to be here now and enjoy the moment.  The ANB group of companies cannot thank you enough for your guidance, wisdom, soul nourishment and genuine concern for our people’s wellbeing.”

Irma Froggatt

Operations Manager, CitroGold

Effective Public Speaking, Presentation & Communication Skills

2-day training course

A relaxed, confident, natural speaking style can be your most powerful communication tool, and the EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEAKING & PRESENTATION SKILLS programme provides you with the necessary tools and confidence to enable you to present in front of groups of people – even at short notice!

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Additional dates coming soon.


John Homewood is available for one-on-one life consultations.
Phone (+27) 82 568 2777 to book, or Contact HERE

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