Track Listing:

  1. Welcome
  2. From the Inside Out
  3. Do You Want To Heal?
  4. The Life That We Live
  5. Tradition & Statistics
  6. Cut, Burn, Poison
  7. Balancing Awareness
  8. This Is Not Real
  9. A Pure Diamond
  10. What The pH?
  11. Go Surf The Web
  12. Sugar Man
  13. All Things Green
  14. Neuroplasticity
  15. Got Milk?
  16. When Your Shadow Is Shorter Than Your Body
  17. Doctor, Doctor
  18. Body Mass
  19. Emotional Trigger
  20. The Power of Imagination
  21. Stress
  22. Healing Music
  23. I Am
  24. Feed Your Mind
  25. Aligned With Life
  26. She Came From Hong Kong
  27. Truth, Reality, Now
  28. Be Fearless
  29. Forgiveness



As John Homewood reveals, while what we feed into the body is a vital determinate of the health of the body, it is the mind and spirit that trumps the physical!

If health is what we want, then we have to be prepared to change not only our eating habits but also our mind.

This live lecture audio program  provides valuable information of what to feed the body to induce heath and healing, John takes the listener deeper than the body in this discourse, to include the journey of the mind and soul, aligning with spirit, which is the level at where miraculous healing can occur.

With cancer affecting almost 1 in 2.6 persons now, it’s time to suspect that something in ‘normal’ prescribed treatment that is missing…
There are effective natural ways for treating cancer, and it’s not what the $100 billion a year (USA figures) cancer industry want you to hear.

Listen to Inspirational Speaker & Integrative Life Coach and Healer, John Homewood, as he walks you through the 6 parameters to healing naturally.  The wisdom and tools to healing naturally and experiencing health and wellness for life are revealed in an easy to follow step by step way in this audio program.

JOHN HOMEWOOD shares his insights and wisdom into a new way of Being. Recorded live at Mossel Bay, South Africa in 27th March 2014, this recording is both insightful and inspiring, and provides practical guidance on optimising health in both mind and body.

A healing cancer A4 manual is also available on request.

This lecture is not intended to offer medical advice, but rather to promote an awareness of wellness and vibrant health. John speaks from his own experience and research, and suggests that the listener undertake their own research on the topics raised in order to arrive at a better informed decision regarding health and cancer protocols.

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