With the vision we hold within, we have the power create the world we WANT, rather than the world we don’t want!

One of their most powerful subversive weapons of directing behaviour, as Noam Chomsky pointed out, is Manufactured Consent. Through the misdirection of our attention and focus, we find ourselves led in a direction that is maybe not for the ultimate benefit of the human race.

It appears to many that we are, right now, in the midst of a great war – a perceptual war – a war that seems to be driven by those with the intention to control and pervert the sanctity of the human spirit.

That being said, even this might be perfect, as it is easier to wake up from a nightmare than from a comfortable dream.  The suffering thus created may push many to the door of spiritual transformation. This suffering, however, is optional as one doesn’t have to suffer to awaken. Most suffering is psychological in nature, caused by internal resistance, an internal ‘NO’ to what is.

What is, already is, so saying no to what is serves no purpose other than to strengthen the separate sense of self, the ego.  Accepting what is liberates us from being stuck in the mind and  suffering.  Saying an internal ‘yes’ to what is doesn’t mean we don’t take steps to move in a more positive direction or to be an instrument in improving the world we find ourselves living in.  It does, however, end our internal suffering as well as opens us to being guided by life to see innovative solutions and to be the change we want to see in the world!

One can choose to stay stuck in the fear and anger created by mental resistance, and thereby create more suffering for yourself as well as the world around you, or we can voluntarily surrender the mind, and rather choose a path of empowerment, connection and love.

It’s time to stand in and act from our authentic truth, and to realise (to see with real eyes) our true God given creative power, the power contained in presence.

The time is now to step back, back into our spiritual power.  By using the tools of spiritual connection, presenceimagination and vision, we can be part of creating a new world; a world of equity, of fairness, of kindness, a world of health and beauty; a world that provides goodness and abundance for all. A world that works with, rather than against, nature and the cycles and rhythms of nature. A world where we see through the misperceptions and manipulations of the mind, dropping our fears and honouring, with our presence, the true essence of all life – to see the common One Being that lives through and in everything and everyone in creation.

There is an intelligence far greater than the human mind.  Our work right now is to rekindle our connection with this Higher Intelligence.  Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. We live in a quantum world of energy, of pure potentiality, where intention, thought and emotion can be aligned with the intelligence called Life, to unlock creative forces and giving birth to a collective future for the betterment of mankind and all life.


  •  to harness the power of intention and vision.
  •  to create our own intentional communities based on heart centeredness, rather than fear.

Making use of these two steps, combined with continually choosing to hold feelings of goodness, inner peace, joy and a reverence for all life as we move though these times, will help to midwife a brand new Earth into being!

Consider these wise words from the Hopi People, given to us in June 2000:

“… banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner
And in celebration
We are the ones we are waiting for

I hope you find what I share helpful in navigating what is surely an interesting time!
I’m available for one-on-one life guidance if required. Email me. 

Remember, our spiritual essence and connection is primary; all else is secondary. 

Much love & blessings

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