The Buddhist Retreat Centre, just outside Ixopo, situated in KZN, South Africa, is one of those rare oasis’ for the Soul.  It was rated by CNN as one of the 10 Best Retreats in the world!

Set in the green rolling foothills of the Drakensberg mountains and renown for it’s peace and serenity, plus amazing vegetarian food and breath-taking views, the BRC is truly a peaceful oasis to nurture and revitalize your spirit.

John Homewood & Michelle McClunan

will be facilitating their ANNUAL retreat at the BRC

June 2 – 6 2023

Sacred Union:

Integrate The Divine Masculine And Feminine Energies – 

Shift Into Your Authentic True Self  

Bookings and enquiries must be done directly with the BRC .
Click here for more details and to book for this soul nourishing and liberating retreat.

Part 1 –

Sacred Union:

Friday 2 – Sunday 4 June 2023

Part 2  –

Sunday 4 – Tuesday 6 June 2023

This extension is for the serious seeker who wants to invest the time to deepen their own understanding and awakening.

*Highly recommended’

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Hi John,I expected some learning on Buddhism which I wasn’t particularly interested in, the main purpose of me being at the retreat was to spend time with my daughter Kathryn in an environment that would benefit her –

I didn’t remotely expect to leave the retreat fundamentally re-wired, or perhaps re-connected or perhaps something else that you would be more in a position to know than I. Your message, or you being the conveyor of the message had a deep effect on me …

I carry with me now the necessity of living in the moment, of the destructiveness of living in the past and in the future and of the prospect of the benefit of life in the moment which has been reinforced in my consciousness, and another journey begins from here.

Thank you for you, thank you for being there, my gratitude for my daughters choice that this was the retreat she wanted to go to…  As I write this, tears well in my eyes, …With gratitude and blessings, Piers.


“John, Thank you…… Thank you, you have succeeded in shedding a beautiful white light on me…. I now experience a depth inside myself that was previously unknown to me… This depth permeates through me, to the people that consult with me…I can only use the word ……. Love…. to explain this. This stillness is inspiring and beautifully addictive ” I will not go back to sleep “ In love and Light.”  Gerhard B. – Pretoria



A life changing mind and spirit invigorating transformative experience, clearing away the old mental cobwebs and inviting the fresh new potential of AWAKENED FLOW into your life.

Dissolve your old imprisoned self … and set yourself free now…

 John Homewood and Michelle McClunan bring their combined thirty-seven years of facilitating experience to this retreat, providing you with a gentle, yet powerful process, that will awaken and nourish you. Relax, recharge, rejuvenate and reawaken through Sacred Presence, Nature and Art. Deepen your spiritual awakening by reuniting with the simple joy of being – open to the flow of creative abundance Re-boot and shift your life to a new level and learn tools and life skills to help navigate the winds of change in a balanced and integrated way.

The retreat will integrate the Masculine and Feminine energies, combining transformational spiritual teachings of Presence, Awakening and Creative Art Processes. This integration will help you clear blockages that may have prevented you from living a healthy, peaceful and abundant life. All creative experiences are process-driven, as opposed to being outcome-based, so no artistic experience or skill is required. You will leave with a deeper sense of peace; a more focused sense of life purpose and rekindled joy and with greater emotional and spiritual intelligence with practical tools to navigate life’s challenges.


All enquiries & bookings:  Email:
Cell phone: 066 395 4682 or 082 579 3037

 Clear blockages you carry to:





    the Joy of living

AWAKENING will give you:

Freedom from grief, depression and anxiety

 Freedom from need, fear and wanting 

Freedom from jealousy and regret 

Freedom from lack of self-worth 

Freedom from non-forgiveness

Freedom from past pain

Freedom in Presence



Step back, pause, take a deep breath in, exhale…. look around you and see today as a brand new canvas just awaiting your uniqueness to express itself on.

Dissolve your old imprisoned self … and set yourself free now…

“John has the gift of imparting deep truths in an easy and understandable way; his retreats leave you uplifted and inspired…”

    Eckhart Tolle

    “If you want sanity, then the focus of your life must be the present moment.

    Looking for your identity in the past or for fulfillment in the future is madness.”

    Our greatest relief can be found in the present moment.

    AWAKENING TO FLOW is a process of opening to the focused intense Power of Presence.


    Participants leave with a joy-filled heart, a greater clarity of mind and purity of spirit.


    “In all my years of nearly 80 years I have attended many courses, workshops and seminars but I can honestly say that John’s workshop is the best and most amazing I have ever attended. His presentation, his person, his energy and love moved me beyond words. I came seeking peace and I found more that I had hoped for. Thank you John. Namaste” Colin Katz

    “There are no words to describe the love that has opened up inside of me and the gratitude for all I have and all I am and for you who helped awaken this.  Thank you thank you thank you!” – Charene

    Pictures from the beautiful and oh so peaceful BRC near Ixopo, Kzn, South Africa…