The Secret Art of Manifestation

Science has shown that form follows energy – that there is an invisible energy field that surrounds us which influences the physical world.  How successful or unsuccessful we are is not an accident, it is a function of this invisible field. We feed this primal creative field with our thoughts, fear, desires and emotions.

Learning the steps to focus this energy is very necessary on the path to experiencing abundance. Below are my 7 secrets to manifestation…

Manifesting is a function of feeling

  1. First make absolutely clear what you want. Knowing what you wish to experience in life is vital in this process, for until you know your destination how can you choose a path?

So take time to ask yourself:

What do you, really, really, really want? 

A skilled facilitator can help you with this process if you are unsure what this is.

(A powerful audio program which I developed to help both with ascertaining goals as well as manifesting them is the MindSync-LifeGoal program.)

  1. Become the creator of your own thoughts and feelings. Most people let the world around them determine how they feel.  They let their friends, family, work colleagues and even the media control their inner feeling, and thus remain a victim of their environment.

Realise that Thoughts become Things, and that you become what you think and feel about most. You also attract what you think and feel about most. Works every time for all people.  Your predominant thoughts and feelings will become your destiny.

Know this: You get what you feel inside. A change in feeling is a change in destiny.

  1. Focus on the end picture – the end emotion & feeling you want to experience as a result of achieving your goal or envisaged destination. Put full emotion into it this ‘end picturing’. You don’t have to know how you are going to get there or achieve this goal. The laws of the universe will sort out the how.

Keep this saying in mind: When you Visualize, you Materialise.  Everything is created twice – first in the mind, then in the physical world. So start every day before you get out of bed by feeling abundant, or peace or loved or whatever you wish to manifest. Do this every day.  It only takes a minute or two to flood your body with the desired feeling. And it works immediately that day.  Watch, and you will find that every day you start your day with this exercise evidence will come to show you that it worked.  Acknowledge even small examples of manifestation. Keeping an abundance diary to record the evidence that this is working is highly recommended.

  1. Focus on what you do want. Don’t focus on the negative – focus on what you want to experience or achieved in life. Most people focus more on what they don’t want – and therefore manifest more of that!

E.g.: some people focus on getting out of debt, but debt/lack is their main focus, so guess what? more debt/lack is what they continue to manifest. Or they focus on losing weight, and manifest more weight!  Rather instead focus on the health, vitality and abundance that you do want. Focus on the feeling of already having abundance and a healthy vibrant body!

  1. Vision Board – cut-out and stick up pictures of your Future History. See and feel as if it were already on its way, now.
  2. Release!!! – Until you release the desire, the feeling of wanting and attachment will block the manifestation. You will manifest, but it will be more wanting and desires that you will more than likely manifest.  So once you are clear of what it is you want, and are familiar with the feeling of it already being so, LET GO OF YOUR ATTACHMENT TO OUTCOME, and allow life to bring it to you in magical ways.  – This is the real secret to manifestation.

And most importantly

  1. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude – be grateful for what is already in your life now, and you will be given more to be grateful for. The vibration of gratitude is the most powerful magnet for attracting more good into your life.

Enjoy becoming a conscious creator of your life.  It’s meant to be fun!

John Homewood is an integrative life coach and facilitator.

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