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Many people are concerned at the moment, with not only the challenges in their own lives, but also with the doom & gloom about the political and economic situation.

With information leaks on the corruption and ineptitude of government and parastatals now being revealed daily, both on the mainstream and even more so on the alternative media channels,  there is a growing awareness of ‘dark manipulative forces’ behind global events – events such as terrorism, contrived wars, the crippling central banking and usury systems, the food, drug and vaccine industries, and the coming 5G and nano chip technology etc.

Seeing all this it becomes more and more difficult to remain positive and not go down into spirals of anger, fear and anxiety.

Realising the immensity of this pervading darkness (pun intended with reference to South Africa’s Eskom!), we may become despondent for our future, and hold onto feelings of hopelessness. Is that also part of the plan?

Maybe these negative forces actually feed on the vibrations of fear and anxiety?  They (the men behind the Veil) feel that through fear they can control and manipulate mass consciousness down any paths they choose.

Some people, as they awaken to the reality of what is going on with the Earth, may be drawn to strategies of resistance, with intentions of fighting the darkness.

Maybe now however, is a good time to stop and really consider our options with a higher level of consciousness.  We have a war on terror, we have a war on drugs, we have a war on cancer.  Has this strategy worked?  100 years ago one had a 1 in 8000 chance of getting cancer, and today that’s fast approaching 1 in 2*.  And what about the war against drugs?  Prison populations around the world continue to swell with drug offenders.  Anything we fight we give energy to.
Do we really need to fight the darkness? Is this an intelligent strategy? 

Think about this: when we enter a dark room and switch on the light, do we then have to find a broom and sweep the darkness out? No. Once we bring light to darkness, there is no need to resist or fight anything – for darkness cannot exist in the presence of light.  The more light you bring in, the less darkness exists.

Our real work right now is to be the peace & light we seek to see in the world.

  • To be an open channel for light to enter this world

  • To continue to educate ourselves and our families on the real situation beyond the mask of mainstream media and religion, but without inner emotional resistance For whatever we hold within us, we give energy to and project outwards.

  • To make wise and informed lifestyle choices going forward, for ourselves and our families

  • To vote with our spending power and labour

  • To let go of all inner resistance, even should one choose to participate in any outer resistance

Above all and most importantly, to be more present  in daily living.  – Make what is more important than what isn’t.

The ingredients for a New Earth are:

  • Awareness

  • Forgiveness,

  • Compassion and above all,

  • Love 

All of these flow through an awakened mind, just as water flows through an open tap, with no effort or doing on the tap’s behalf.

The key to being open is PRESENCE.  Your point of power is always in the present moment.
Inviting Presence and the releasing of past and future as our habitual ‘go to’ state of mind, opens the tap and allows grace to flow through us into this world.

Taking the decision now to make the present moment more important to you than either past or future is the light switch and antidote to all darkness.  Become a channel for light NOW.
Remember, it only takes one candle to lighten a room.

Here is a powerful affirmation to be repeated over and over again each day at this time:

“I am surrounded and protected by light at all times. 
All my needs are provided for in every moment

Personal awakening (clearing the blockages to the Light), being more creative and learning how to work with the state of FLOW, are vital tools for transitioning these changing times with stability and inner peace.

I will be facilitating FLOW workshops around South Africa over the next few months.  Details below.

If you would like to host me in your part of the world then drop me a line with your proposal.

Much love & blessings with your journey at this time.




John Homewood
Integral Life Coach and Consciousness Teacher
Founder Mind Enhancement Systems & Wisdom to Nourish
Facilitator AWAKENING The Shift Experience, Tapping the Flow
One-on-one Life guidance
via Skype/Whatsapp



Cape Town
Venue to be confirmed
Friday 30 – Saturday 31 August 2019

Friday 13 – Sunday 15 September 2019
22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts

Venue to be confirmed
Friday 27 – Saturday 28 September 2019




A new and powerful transformational experience….

1 – 5 November 2019

Friday 1 – Sunday 3 + option Going Deeper extended to Tuesday 5
@ The Edge Mountain Retreat
2 hours drive from East London airport into the Amatola mountains

Process Art Facilitator and Astrologer Michelle McClunan and Spiritual Integrative Life Coach John Homewood have collaborated to formulate a transformational new retreat experience to shift, nourish and awaken your soul.  This powerful, yet amazingly gentle retreat, will provide participants with the opportunity to let go of the old and step into the new.

John Homewood’s insightful wisdom teaching will help to clear your mind of it’s emotional & mental ‘stuckness’ and move into FLOW…

Combined with

Michelle McClunan, who will guide you into a creative healing state, where you will receive signals and messages from the intuitive intelligence that resides within you. Different spontaneous artistic techniques  will reveal, dissolve  and release any blockages which may be preventing you from living a life of flow and vibrancy. NO Artistic Experience is necessary. More about Process Art here

“You are an incredible facilitator. I was amazed at how skillfully you helped everyone to really “drop in” and connect with what they needed to process and get in touch with in order to move forward”

Phone:           0834145641

Time: Friday 1st Nov   3.30 for 4pm – Tue 5th 1pm Nov 2019
Price: R8500 incl. all materials & meals, excl. accommodation*
*Speak to Cathy re the special price we have negotiated with The Edge for comfortable en-suit from R450 per night with 4th night no charge!

50% deposit secures your place – balance over 2 months if required

Early Bird Price: R7800 for bookings before 30th September
Special arrangements can be made for those who can only attend the weekend.


RSVP:  WhatsApp 082 819 0527

What do people say?

“What can I say?…words cannot describe how wonderful this course has been. It has opened my eyes to what “being in the now” means. I feel awakened to new life and goodbye to “the story”. I’ve been dragging around for too long. I AM”. Ruth H.

“John, Thank you…… Thank you, you have succeeded in shedding a beautiful white light on me….
I now experience a depth inside myself that was previously unknown to me…
This depth permeates through me, to the people that consult with me…
I can only use the word ……. Love…. to explain this.
This stillness is inspiring and beautifully addictive ” I will not go back to sleep “
In love and Light
Gerhard B. – Pretoria