The person who has gone does not wish for the loved one left behind to grieve for that which was, for that brief wave of creation has dissipated into the sands of time, and is no more, but what is more real and eternal still remains, ever joyfully present.

What the departed soul wants is for those left behind, rather than grieving with pained emotions, is to live in forgiveness, acceptance and above all peace, and to realise the gift, the truth that the real life-essence of that dissolved form has returned to the ever Present ‘Ocean’, the true source and Being from which all ‘waves’ arise and to which all return. This ‘Ocean’ is ever alive, right here right now. For while the personality, body and ‘story’ dies, what is real and eternal never can.  While the waves come and go, the Ocean is always here and now.

For those of us left behind in the dream world, which we mistakenly call ‘life’, our real work here is to be more accepting and allowing of this ever changing flow of form, not clinging to bodies, personalities, thought-forms and memories which are all fleeting and insubstantial, but to rather look deeper to that which lies underneath and animates all form, that which is more real.  When one form dissolves into the sands of time, after a brief period of accepting the pain and mourning the loss, our work is to look and see, with present vision, what new forms the ever creative ‘Ocean’ is presenting us with, gifting us with this day.  Today is a joyful and compassionate expression of the Ocean’s infinite love for us while we remain asleep in our brief dream of human journeying. Our real work here is to be courageous enough to step out of our mind’s story and welcome life in the here and now with open hands and an open heart, in full acceptance and gratitude

Much love and blessings with your journey



Use this affirmation for help shift your awareness:

“I let go of past and allow the living essence of eternal Presence , which is love, to flow into me and through me now, bring me healing, comfort and peace in this moment.”