IXOPO KZN @ Buddhist Retreat Centre   30 April – 3 May 2020

with the Going Deeper extension 3 May – 5 May



@ The Edge Mountain Retreat   6 – 10 MARCH 2020



Life-changing weekend retreat
Spiritual nourishment, mental shifts & heart-opening healing and upliftment.

Nothing will really change till we shift our consciousness
Now is the time to shift and awaken to our true life purpose…

Healing buried anger, resentment, fear, grief and pain, and replacing it with deep peace and centredness allows you the freedom and joy for living life in a completely new way.

* Do you long to make a break-through?
* Do you feel blocked and stuck?
* Do you want to gain creative, spiritual insights into your life?

Shift now and uncover your true potential…
We answer 3 fundamental questions:

Who are you?
What do you really want?
What is your life’s purpose?

The uncovering of these answers is a liberating and powerful experience which changes not only the way we see ourselves, but also the way we see others and the world as a whole.


Uncover your magnificent pearl within…SHIFT NOW

Heal all that blocks you from true inner peace
Awaken to your true creative abundance
Awaken to your true Self

What people say…

“Excellent – everything beyond expectation.” – Alexander Schubert

“Of all the many courses that cross your path, this may be the most important one of them all!” Dr Janey Little

“Awakened me to the essence of who I AM and who I am not – loved it” – Zama Madikela

“I gained equilibrium in my body, mind & soul. It was an awakening. Excellent.” – Naazima

“I gained the most wonderful tool of being fully present. Thank you!” – Marilyn Shafto

“For the first time I experienced the true value and bliss of Being Present. A lot of things in my life became clearer. I am truly grateful.” – Kim Ova

and years later…

“Hi John, I attended your Shift Experience in January 2012– and it had a massive impact on my life: I stopped searching and started living!” – Snowy Krüger

“Whenever I find an obstacle in anything, work, Parenting, marriage – it is a lack of Presence that is the root of the problem, always. The solution is so easily accessible,
Thank You for these priceless tools you have woken up in me. Forever grateful ” – Laetitia Corder

AWAKENING – Self Realisation workshops and retreats are enlightening, experiential and promote huge life shifts…

During the AWAKENING workshop, you will be gently guided through many heart-opening shifts, including:

The Power of Forgiveness, The Power of Acceptance, The Power of Surrender, The Power of Allowing, Presence Meditations, The Path to Healing (including the powerful yet simple Hawaiian healing process known as Ho’oponopono), Dealing with Grief, Presence Practices, True Life Purpose, Finding Peace, What is Love?, What is God?, Who are You? Why are you Here?

Highly recommended for Life Coaches, Psychologists, Healers, Teachers and normal everyday people seeking to shift and deepen their healing and reveal a new understanding of who and what you are in truth.

Booking/Details: contact cathy@wisdomtonourish.com


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