Here is a copy of my Radio 2000 talk on what drains our energy and how to get it back…


Why do you not feel abundant joy, filled with oceans of creative energy right now?

Is it because of what happened at work?

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Is it your body?

Or relationship?

The state of your finances?

Or are you worried or anxious?

Let’s look at the following scenario: You feel tired and listless, you are sitting alone at home with no energy to even get out of bed or open the curtains.  You have no energy to pick up your clothes from the day before or do the dishes.  And then your phone beeps, out of the blue an old flame messages you to say they just can’t stop thinking about you!!  That the biggest mistake they ever made was in walking away from you all that time ago.  And are you are home, and please may they come over and see you.  They’ll be there in 30 minutes!

How would you feel then?  How does your energy shift?  Instantly you jump up out of bed and with new energy you throw open the curtains and open the windows, shower and make your bed, do the dishes, pick up your clothes, and put out the trash. You suddenly, from nowhere, have boundless energy…  Where did it come from??

Or let’s say you were to receive a call from a company to say that a competition you had entered some time ago but had totally forgotten about, you’ve won a brand new car, or how about an overseas trip with all expenses paid for you and your partner!  How would you feel?  How would your energy levels improve?  It would fill you with huge energy!

Where did this energy come from???

It was there all the time, but it was being blocked.  Who was blocking it?

Your mind was blocking it.

Why?  How?

What really changed in that moment was not anything real, you were still in the same room, surrounded by the same mess, but suddenly your THOUGHTS changed, and your thoughts allowed the potential energy that was sitting there to be released into your body.

In truth its usually your thoughts and your mind that block you from vibrant energy and boundless joy.

Your brain uses up over 25% of the bodies energy – more than your muscles running a marathon! And worrying or thinking negative thoughts drains the body faster than leaving your headlights on all night.

You see , for many people, they no longer have a mind, their mind has them!  You no longer have the freedom to choose your thoughts and feelings – they are totally controlled by your unconscious thought processes and their reactions to the world of circumstance around you.  Your mind casts a gloomy shadow over your perception most of the time, blocking you from accessing your creative , joyful energy.   AND THIS IS CONSIDERED NORMAL.

What to do?

Take back you power

Choose to see each moment as containing infinite possibilities.

Learn to regularly clear your mind during the day – like a computer memory; if you have too many programs and files open on your desktop, the computer starts to underperform.  Clear away any thoughts or worries that don’t require action right now.

Adopt some form of breathing exercise

Get into nature, get sunlight or supplement with high dosages of vit D3. – make a habit of walking

Watch what fuel you put into your body.

Get enough sleep – in dark room with no lights.- increases melatonin production.

Watch medication and substance abuse

Hydration – drink sufficient water – a glass of water drunk slowly with awareness and gratitude, is often more than enough to boost your energy levels.

However what trumps all of the above are your thoughts…

Start your day with a time of peaceful contemplation and meditation. 10 – 20 minutes of quiet meditation first thing in the morning pays huge dividends during the day.

And take time out during the day to clear your mind of all unnecessary thoughts and worries – and most thoughts and worries are there only to strengthen the ego and really do not serve to improve your life in any way at all.

Use the power of affirmations to shift your awareness and clear your mind:

Try working with these three this week:




You may wish to type these out and place them where you can see them to remind you.

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