With every thought we think and every feeling we embody we are creating our future.

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As I wrote in my previous newsletter, humanity is undergoing a massive transformation at this time, and change can be painful.  None of us are immune from the repercussions of this in our personal, business, emotional and spiritual lives.

Our hearts go out to all those directly affected in the unrest around the world, and we call on the Light and protection of whatever Higher Power we believe in to guide us safely through this time.


It is said that the new cannot be birthed but from the ashes of the old.  It is my inner knowing that there is a newness that is coming, and like the Phoenix, shall rise from the dust and destruction of the old. 

Now is the time to practice surrender.  Not partial surrender, but total surrender to what isWhat is, is. Letting go is an act of forgiveness, and an act of self-liberation.

As has been spoken of by many enlightened masters of the previous centuries, we are not merely victims of circumstances, but rather co-creators of the reality we find ourselves in.  I know this is hard for many to fully accept, but until we do, we cannot truly access our power within us to change it, and thereby build a new, sustainable, and equitable world for our children and grandchildren to live in. 

For a New Earth to be birthed, a new way of seeing has to arise, and this new way of seeing can only arise as we shift our consciousness away from fear to love, away from the head, into the heart.

Our thoughts and emotions contain real power to mould our inner and outer world.  This power has been validated through the research work done by scientists working in the field of the mind/body connection and in particular, by those researching quantum physics.

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‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

– Nikola Tesla July 9/10, 1856 – January 7, 1943

The power we have is in the form of focused energy (frequency & vibration), and in particular, the energy contained within our thoughts, emotions and intentions.

A good clip to watch on this is one by Dr Joe Dispenza.



Have you ever stopped to ask who or what controls your thinking?  Where do your thoughts come from?  Are they your thoughts, or do they come from somewhere else?  And if so, where?

These questions have been dissected by many great scientists and philosophers, and there are many, many good books on this subject, but suffice to say that thoughts and emotions do not just spontaneously arise inside our heads.  They have a source, and for most people, this source is outside of themselves, emanating from a Field which Carl Jung termed the ‘Collective Unconscious’.


Most thinking is done unconsciously, that is, we are completely unaware of the majority of our thoughts. Our emotions on the other hand, are a clearer indication of the type and quality of the thoughts we are choosing to hold.  Emotions can be said to be the physical expression felt in the body, of energies emanating from our subconscious mind.  These thoughts and emotions direct our moment-to-moment responses, and our lives are ultimately an expression of this process, unless we choose differently.

The ‘collective unconscious’ can be viewed as an energy soup, fed by countless minds, with countless intentions, some benign and unfortunately, some not.


Are our lives being directed and controlled by flows of energy beyond our conscious control?  The answer is both yes and no.

YES, our thoughts and emotions are heavily influenced by such things as our individual upbringing, religion, education, media, personality type and external social influence. Why is it that so much money is spent on advertising?  Because advertising changes behaviour!

Billions are being spent to influence your behaviour, right now.  In 2020 it cost $5.6 million (R81 million) for a just 30 second slot on the Superbowl in the USA.  The advertiser knew, that in just 30 seconds, they could influence the purchasing actions of viewers to warrant spending that kind of money! Shocking, isn’t it?  Now consider just for a moment, how much media time has first been given to creating fear this last year, and now, to selling us the so called ‘vaccines’ these last 5 months?  If just 30 seconds can alter thinking, then how has all this media propaganda influenced our thinking and perceptions?

Our thoughts, emotions and actions are heavily influenced by external means, and, like it or not, we are all mind controlled by external influences, and most of these are not there for our individual good, but rather to fill someone else’ agenda.


There is also a NO to the above question.  While our minds may be controlled by external influences and flows of energy, who we really are, cannot be controlled.  That seems not to make sense, doesn’t it?   Well, here is the truth, your mind is controlled, not you.  You are only controlled if you choose to hand over control of your life, to your mind.  You are awareness, or presence, if you wish. You are consciousness, rather than unconsciousness. We are controllable only when we hand over our sovereignty to the unconscious mind which is programmed.  It is now time to awaken from the hypnosis of the mind. 


Mind influences are like viruses; they are spread from person to person, group to group, nation to nation, generation to generation.  We can be subject to them, or we can use the power of our own Intention and Will to deflect, direct or dissolve them within our consciousness, Presence is the key. 

Our Point of Power is in the Present


Taking back our power is the recovery (rescue) of our awareness from the enslavement by the programmed mind.  This is the opportunity being presented to us at this time.  By choosing to consciously put our hand on the steering wheel of attention, using our freewill, focus and intention to pull our awareness out from the matrix of time and back into presence, we liberate ourselves from the programming of the world.  This is true freedom. 

By choose our own thoughts and emotions, rather than merely accepting those fed to us by the world around us, we take back our power and we take back our destiny.


Thoughts, and their off-spring, emotions, can be divided into two spectrums: love and fear.

Fear promotes a perception of ‘me and mine vs the others’; fear separates and divides.  Fear based thoughts and perceptions are usually sold to us as ‘for your own as well as societies good’.  (Social distancing, masks, lock-downs, experimental medical interventions etc, fall into this camp in my opinion)

Fear usually promotes a future-based security and fulfilment.

Love, on the other hand, promises nothing, yet delivers everything of real and eternal value.   Love is about connection and community, tolerance, and appreciation.  Love is for embracing life as it is.  Love is bringing in more acceptance into how we deal with the flow of life.  Love is about recognising the sameness, the ‘we’ rather than ‘us vs them’.  Love is about trusting in the organic intelligence we call Life; the Grand Organising Design, (GOD).


Positive affirmations are powerful tools to help us with reclaiming our minds from fear and unlock the power of love within us.  You may wish to make use of some I have selected from Louise Hay for this purpose.


Let us choose now, not to further contribute to the spreading of fear, which, while understandable in these circumstances, is really not helpful.  Let us rather focus our power of Attention on peaceful resolutions and true healing.  Let us choose to be Super-Spreaders of Love rather than fear.


Forgiveness is a vital ingredient as we navigate through these times of challenge and transformation.  Using the Hawaiian prayer of healing can be a very useful tool at this time.
Remember, energy flows where attention goes.

Our thoughts and emotions contain the very power of Creation itself.
Let us use this sacred energy we have been given mindfully, asking that Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) guide us all at this time.

Let us keep our inner peace, even while those around us may be losing theirs. Now is the time to Be the Change we wish to see in the world.

As hard as this is, know that this is part of a higher, unseen order, playing out for our highest good, and sometimes we need to go through the darkness to reach the light.

Use the power of focused intention to surround yourselves, and the planet, in constant Light, and let us hold forgiveness in our hearts. That way we liberate ourselves from future karma, and we become a channel for peace to enter this world.

And know this:  your life has a destination, just like every river has a destination.  Know that you are guided and protected every step of your journey.  

Remember, there is immense power in prayer.


Much love


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