The world is going through a momentous challenge at the moment, and will never be the same again. We get to choose, right now, which world we want to live in; a world of fear or a world of love.

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While the mainstream media has been used to sow seeds of confusion and fear, many people have chosen to rather use this as an opportunity to open their hearts and move more deeply into the vibration of love.

While the world of fear looks to future for security, it ultimately delivers nothing but more pain and suffering. Love, on the other hand, promises you nothing, but delivers everything.

While fear wants you to believe that you are under attack and urges you to believe in the need of protection, the path of Love opens up before us with the awareness that ‘nothing real can ever be threatened’. (ACIM)

Fear urges us to look outside of ourselves for protection and security, but love guides us to know that we are protected, and that all our real needs are met from within.

A reminder: ‘this too will pass’, but HOW we chose to go through this will remain forever within our soul.

What path we choose right now is really vital for our future experience as well as for the new world that is waiting to be born.

Use this precious time to find new, creative opportunities and ways for sharing your skills and talents with the greater community online.

One way of seeing this is a forced 21 Day Retreat. A retreat into quietness, of re-connection with who and what we really are and what really matters.

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