These powerful, loving and wise words from Louise Hay, if repeated first thing in the morning, have the power to change your day and your life…

“There is a Power, and a Presence, that resides within us, that is always there, to lead us, and to guide us, and make smooth & easy our way. All we need to do is to acknowledge this, and to allow it to work for us.

Too often, when we awaken in the morning, we get out of bed, & we try to push our way through life, controlling everything in sight. But that’s not how this Power works. It’s like trying to control your breathing, or your heartbeat, or your digestion. If you try, all you do is interfere, & upset the natural rhythm and flow of your bodily processes.

 The best thing we can do for our body, is to feed it natural foods & beverages, to exercise it in ways that are a pleasure to us, and to allow the Intelligence that is in the body to take care of all the rest. So it is with our lives; we think positive, loving thoughts, we forgive others, we are kind to ourselves mentally, and then we allow the Intelligence of the Universe to take over, and to create that which is for our highest good, & greatest joy. This way, the process works smoothly.

The Power that created us, has given US the power to create our lives: the power, & choice of the thoughts we think.

We have infinite choice, of that which we can choose to think. These choices create our future. If we choose hurt, & anger, & resentment, then we will just create more hurt, and anger, and resentment. If we want love, then we must think loving thoughts. If we want joy, we must think joy. If we want peace & calm, then we must think peaceful thoughts. If we want prosperity, then we must open ourselves to it, mentally. If we want to flow creatively, then we must acknowledge our ability.

Say this with me: “I am an open channel for Divine ideas to flow through me, and the creativity of the universe now expresses through me. That, which I need to know, is revealed to me, & whatever I need comes to me. I am Divinely protected, & guided, and my way is made smooth and easy.”

One of the things that creates so many problems for us are thoughts of anger, & resentment, & blame. So let us take a moment to consciously dissolve that from within our mind. Please join me in saying, “I release all need for anger, or resentment, or blame. I truly forgive all those that need forgiving, and I forgive myself.”

I love you.