“A man is the product of his own thoughts – what he thinks he becomes.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Well, the majority of the 50 – 70 thousand thoughts you think every day are not yours – they are implants! They have been given to you by the world around you.

Most of the thoughts you think are coming from the programming of your mind. This is fact.

You are programmed to see the world a certain way from the moment you were born. First your parents and their world view was implanted into you, including their religious and social views and beliefs, then by the ‘educational’ system, then by friends, the media, and so on. Your thoughts are not your thoughts; they have been programmed into to by the ‘world’ with the view of controlling you. And you now perceive yourself and the world through this programmed prism.

Now some of that programming is might be there for your good, maybe to keep you safe and inform you as how to function practically in the world, however the vast majority of your programmed thoughts in fact control and limit you, and prevent you from being the magnificent being that you have the potential to be.

The only way you can ever be free from this prison of programming is by learning to master your thoughts, and instead of them running you, you begin to run them, and begin to use the power of your own thoughts to create the life you really want to experience.

Listen here to my Radio 2000 talk on this subject.


Listen here to my Radio 2000 talk on this subject.

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I trust you find this helpful.

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