This is a short recording of my Radio 2000 talk on this topic.


We know from scientific studies that repetitive negative thinking alters the brain structure and also adversely affects health. Negative thinking also lowers our IQ and limits creative problem solving.
So why would be participate in this destructive process?

Because negative thinking strengthens the mind and the egoic identity; it is the very food for the ‘pain-body’; without it the pain-body would die.

“The moment you change your perceptions is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” – Dr Bruce Lipton – author and epigenesist.

Negative thinking is the mind’s way of resisting what is – life, and it brings unhappiness and ill-health to both the perpetrator as well as those around them.

We have to make an irrevocable choice to shift our thinking; to shift our focus and perspective; to stop seeing the world, and this includes people, both yourself and others, as ‘bad’, and make a conscious effort in each and every moment to find the good. It is there, just beneath the surface, underneath your negative perception.

If your life isn’t working, make the decision to change your perception.
One of the most effective ways to help do this is through the power of affirmation.

Affirmations are short positive sayings, which might not be true for you in the beginning, but which if they were true, would bring about a shift for the better in your life.

For them to be effective they must contain the three ‘Ps’
They must be:
• Positive
• Personal (about only you)
• Present Tense (not future based)


Repeating these over and over again, with feeling, carries great power to change not only your brain and body, but also the world you meet. Starting each day in the morning before you get out of bed, and finishing each day off in the evening just before you go to sleep with an affirmation will bring rapid shifts into your life.

Blessings with your journey into a new and better life.