We have a choice in life: either to live in constant struggle – to fight against life, people, circumstances and even ourselves, or to live in a surrendered state.

The first way creates an inner resistance, a ‘no’ to life. This brings about struggle, stress and dis-ease, both for the experiencer and those closely associated with them, and/or their work/doings. When living life this way, joy and happiness are experienced as only brief events, arising when circumstances for a short moment align with the ego’s will and desires. However, these positive feelings are always fleeting. Due to the ever changing nature of form, which alternates between perceived positives and negatives, any alignment with the ego’s will cannot endure. The resultant struggle means life is lived from resistance as the ego defines itself relative to what it can do, what it can achieve, and what it can accumulate. This creates an outward focused state, in which life is lived in relation to others, with happiness dependent on the ego’s perception of how the world sees it.

This life of struggle is a life lived in a matrix of mind, in which the human part of human-being is all encompassing, driving a misperception of self which leads to a need to justify one’s work, feelings, and actions. Those living this way will say, “It’s only human to want more, to judge, to get angry, to grieve, to get attached to things, events and people, and desire to force change.” Certainly, this is what constitutes ‘normal’ when living in the mind-matrix.

The second way is that of surrender; this creates an experience of ease, of flow, a ‘yes’ to life. A surrendered state leads to a life lived with inner peace. It is a way of living which allows life to flow through one, in which the circumstances of life are welcomed and seen as opportunities for personal expansion and creative growth, but are not fundamental to fulfilment. To live this way is to realise the eternal truth – that ‘this too will pass,’ which creates a playful attitude towards life and its forms, and the ease that arises from acceptance. Surrender is a state of non-resistance, in which there is no clinging to or unnecessary judgment of the outer world; rather life becomes a source of playful enjoyment.

Letting go of the need to manipulate and control life, and to live once more in alignment with it, is to live a surrendered, fulfilled and mastered life. This way of living introduces an experience of ease and peace, which also has a positive and long lasting effect on those around you.

This is life lived beyond the matrix of fear, a way to ‘live life with heart’. It is made possible when you invite the awareness of Presence, of Being into your moment to moment experience. You still live your life as a human, but you now never forget your true essence, your eternal essence of Being, of Presence.

The choice is ours. We have to first be the peace we wish to see in the world. This is the shift – from head to heart – from Human to Being – the portal is open now and the time to make this shift is now.

With love and blessings,