Love is acceptance
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Self acceptance leads us into love

We all yearn to be accepted; accepted by our pears and parents, friends and work-colleagues and even our very own children,but the most important person we need to be accepted by in ourselves.  The inner resistance we have towards ourselves, our lack of self-acceptance, is medicated away by our obsession with thinking and doing. Our lack of self-acceptance is the root cause of our inability to be at peace.

Self-acceptance leads to real self love, for acceptance and love are in the same basket. We so year to be loved unconditionally by the world, but as long as we resist our selves, we resist love.

Self love isn’t something selfish. You cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself, and acceptance is a powerful step in that direction.

This is a copy of my short Radio 2000 clip on Self Acceptance….

Radio 2000 Self-acceptance 4.11.18

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