It is easier to wake up from a nightmare than from a comfortable dream!

The challenges and suffering now being increasingly experienced in the world can be viewed as an alarm clock, helping us to awaken from the dream of mind, of separation and isolation.  This suffering is to push many to the door of spiritual transformation at this time.   Are you needing a push, or are you willing now to surrender?

In my meditation yesterday morning I saw a beam of Light, radiating from above.  The light was soft yet powerful.  The light was love and unconditional acceptance, and I knew that this light was my, as well as everyone else’s, true Being, it was my core-essence.
I knew that all that fell outside of that beam was unreal and impermanent.
While my body, my mind, my personality-self, fell outside that light, I knew that I was that light – the light of eternity – the Christ Light – the I AM.

Awakening is the realization of this LOVE as our true Being.

After my meditation yesterday morning I wrote the following in my journal:

Love cannot be held onto as a ‘thing’, for love is a no-thingness.
Love is like a river; if you try to hold on to a river it cesses to be a river and becomes a stagnant and lifeless pond. 

The best way to experience love is to allow and appreciate the flow of life in just this moment, here and now, noticing the beauty and sacredness contained in just this unique experience moment to moment, trusting life and the flow of life.

Whatever the challenge or struggle you may be facing at the moment, love is the answer, and acceptance and surrender is the key that opens the door to love and transformation.

Rumi — ‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’

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