Hi Folks

We all have within us a magnificent intelligence, a Spark of the Divine which I call ‘Life’. Living in alignment with this Spark opens us up to living an inspired life. This Divine Spark is our authentic Spirit, and our life’s true purpose is to live aligned with Spirit. To live in this alignment is to be inspired.

For many people at this time life is a constant struggle, something to ‘be endured’, ‘got through’; a brief stop ‘on the way’ to a much better place. People who live uninspired lives are living from a narrow perspective of the little self, and perceive of themselves as victims of circumstance and history. This limited self is small and vulnerable and in need of many things, including love and security. Thus, much of their life’s journey is concerned with getting their egoic needs met by the world around them in any which way they can.

An uninspired person is weighed down by their past, and lives anxiously, fearful of the future. They generally have a permanent cloud of negative thinking around their heads, which appears as a dark heavy aura. On rare occasions the cloud parts and light breaks through. These times however are short lived, arising only during brief periods when situations, circumstances or people meet their expectations. As circumstances are continually in flux, the light is soon obliterated by repetitive negative thought patterns.

A depressed or despondent person makes their thoughts and perceptions more important than the vibrancy of Life as it is now. They have a general subconscious resistance to the flow of life, which manifests as constant judgement; an inner ‘no’ to what is.



An inspired person on the other hand has an inner ‘yes’ to life, and is constantly motivated from within, irrespective of the ups and downs of life’s circumstances. They live ‘In Spirit’ and in Presence.

A person inspired by life always makes the present moment more important than yesterday or tomorrow. This is because the Spirit that animates our body is only ever now, and this is recognised. Our job is to live moment to moment, aligning ourselves with Life as it is in this moment and making our thoughts our servants and not our master.



An inspired person is awake, open to what life has to offer today. They are comfortable with change and uncertainty, always standing firmly on the Rock of Presence, trusting there is a way, a plan; knowing that Life is always unfolding in perfect alignment with their destiny.


While an uninspired person lives almost exclusively in their mind, with past and future, fear, anger, anxiety, resistance, and doubt as their regular travelling companions, an inspired person lives from the heart, using the mind (past and future) when needed, but never dwelling there.

Many people believe that finding a goal to inspire and motivate them will guide them to live an inspired life. However, paradoxically, only when living an inspired life can we see and be open to those life opportunities as they present themselves. To access these opportunities we first have to set an intention to shift, to be open to acknowledging there is a better way.

5 VITAL STEPS can support your shift from an uninspired life to a fulfilled and inspired life:

Step 1. Acceptance: You are responsible for your life now – no one else. Your past is past.  Realise and accept that repetitive sub-conscious thinking, based predominantly on your attachment to past experience, has created your current reality. By fully embracing the past you are then empowered with presence to create a new future.

Step 2. Surrender to the present. Realise your point of power is in the now, not the past or the future. Only when you resist Life in the now are your experiences discordant, creating suffering.

Step 3. Use the incredible power of positive affirmations, which, said with feeling, create new positive thinking patterns that will align you with Spirit.

Step 4. Allow yourself to be guided by Life, rather than seeking to achieve aggrandisement for your ego, bringing ease into the process.

Step 5. Look for opportunities to serve rather than to receive. As your ‘doing’ becomes a means of serving rather than merely one of ‘getting’, you will open the door allowing Life to live more fully, more abundantly through you.

As you become present enough to express your uniqueness, your Spirit will shine through, igniting the light within others.

And you will naturally find yourself living an inspired and guided life.

Much love and blessings,