There is a better way…

Most people see their worth, their security and their future fulfillment as coming to them as a direct result of their doing in the world – they see themselves and value themselves only as human-doings. This way of living is poisoning the world, and leads to stress, unhappiness and dis-ease. There is a better way.

As we question this dysfunctional way of living, we are lead to new paths of vision. These new paths invite stillness, presence and love back into our doing. These new paths lead us back to the awakened realisation that we are not human-doings, but human-beings, and we begin to discover amazing powers within us for creating what we want to be and experience in our lives.

How do we awaken? We awaken by making the present moment our primary focus and not merely a means to an end. We awaken by letting go of past and future to define and limit who and what we are.

It’s now time to shift and awaken.