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We all experience brief moments in our life when we are in love. Our heart beats more joy into our veins, the world looks brighter, colours are richer, and we feel just so great! It’s like the dark clouds have parted, and the sun now shines more brilliantly on and through us, opening our hearts more fully to the joys of living! It’s so wonderful to feel this way isn’t it?

We never really want it to end! This feeling is so great. Then, inevitably, with time, this feeling begins to fade. The sun clouds over with mind, and the old world returns with its greyness and problems and stories. And the wonderful feeling slips into memory.

But what if there were a better way to be? Wouldn’t you like to have this elevated experience permanently? To live constantly in love? So why don’t we experience this eternal love continually in life? Why does romantic love always seem to bring disillusionment along with it as its inevitable companion?

Our minds perceive love as something outside of ourselves, and we therefore seek love out in the world of external ‘things’. We become attached to those things; expectant of those things; prisoner to those ‘objects of love’. While initially it is the desire for love that is the bate that lures us into the web of attachment, but because of our misperception about love, we lose our freedom in attachment. We become entrapped in restriction. Without freedom there is no real love, for in truth, love is a sense of oneness with all of creation, and is not exclusive or dependent on things, situation, people or places being a certain way.

Romantic love always has the dualistic mental companion of attachment. And attachment’s shadow is pain and disillusionment. While romantic love arises from mind and physical desires. real, love flows from outside mind, and carries freedom, joy and inner-fulfillment with it. In reality, love and freedom go hand in hand, like insides and outsides, like backs and fronts. They are, in truth, inseparable from each other.

There is a better way. All that’s needed is a shift – a mind-shift; a shift in focus – a paradigmatic shift in how we see ourselves and ‘the world’. In reality love is not dependent on circumstances or people or time.

What is required is a shift from the misperception that things (people and stuff) can give us love, to the realization that we are already in love. We are IN love. We are INSIDE love, the same way that fish are in the ocean. We don’t have to seek it, and it cannot be given to us by things or people. LOVE IS ALL THAT IS.

What we have to do is shift our perception – to see differently. Start to see with real eyes – to realize that everything we look at is made of love; that we are love; that the entire universe is made from love. Love is our true nature. The very state of our Being is love.

But why, as humans, don’t we generally see or experience this? If this were true, then why don’t we constantly experience the wondrous joy and exhilaration of being in love permanently? Why is it merely a fleeting experience for most of us? The answer is simple but profound – the reason we don’t experience love is because we live in an illusion called MIND.

Think about it: when we fall in love, where is our mind? Where is time – past and future? Why, when we are IN love we are fully present for a moment! Time and mind, which are synonymous, cease to control us. People may say to us “Have you lost your mind?” and we may say “Yes! It’s wonderful!”

It’s precisely the mind, with its incessant judgments, hopes and expectations, its clinging to time, past and future, and it’s need for it to be fulfilled from outside, this robs us of the eternal perception of love!
Love is all that is. We don’t have to seek love. We rather have to open our-self up to the Is’ness of love. You are IN love. I am IN love. You and I are one INSIDE love, right NOW.

Love is the true nature of God. God is love, and we are, in truth, inside the womb of God! God is unconditioned Presence which holds all things. Love is the womb of all of creation. Our work here is to burn up the mind (past and future) with the fire of our presence, and to then allow love to flow more fully through and into our awareness, once more, today, right here and now.

We are so fortunate to live in these awakening times. Today there are many teachers available to us to guide us with this ‘burning up the mind’ process, this process of awakening to who and what we really are.

Let this awakening to love be our intention as we move into a new year. May 2018 be the awakening of love in our hearts and hence into the world. May 2018 be the year we clear our mind’s attachments to mind/time which is the only thing which blocks us experiencing unconditional love today.

Rumi, the great poet and mystic said: Past and future veil God from our sight; burn up both of them with fire.” – the fire is your light of Presence.

And Meister Eckhart, the thirteenth-century catholic spiritual teacher gave us this: “Time is what keeps the light from reaching us. There is no greater obstacle to God than time.”

In preference to mind, may rather peace, joy and love be your constant companions as you journey through today and into 2018.

I look forward to having you participate with me on one of our upcoming spiritual awakening retreats this year.

Much love and blessings

John Homewood


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