Here is my short Radio 2000 clip on the 3 Tips for remaining sane over the festive season.

We know that peace is not to be found on the roads, beaches or shopping malls at Christmas, but where is it to be found?

Many people make peace a future destination, hoping it’s to be found at the end of all the frenetic shopping, wrapping and cooking. Christmas at its core is supposed to be is a celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace, so peace ought to be found on Christmas day, shouldn’t it?

So we rush around with the planning, shopping, wrapping, preparing and cooking.  But do we stop to ask: “What do I really want for Christmas?” The answer is so simple, we want peace, and love, and appreciation.  But we think that if we rush around now, doing all the preparation and planning, then, hopefully we will get to experience all this at so future time, “and gosh, don’t I deserve it after all I’ve been through this year?” This is what the voice in the head tells us. “People, friends and family, better appreciate all I’ve done.” says this voice.

But let’s look at reality; have family get-togethers ever brought you peace in the past?  All the franticness in past years, has it brought you what your heart really yearns for – lasting peace, unconditionally love and acceptance?  Isn’t that what you really, really, really want Father Christmas to bring you this Christmas?

If this hasn’t been your past experience then isn’t it now time to try something different? Isn’t it time to look at why you do what you do do, and also how you do what you do do?

A destination is always inherent in the quality of the journey, in the steps themselves.  When we sow tomato seeds what do we expect to reap?  Tomatoes of course.  If we sow onion seeds what do we expect to get?  Onions.  So if we sow stress, need, expectations and resistance (to traffic, crowded shopping malls and over-inflated prices) then what do you expect to get?  Peace?  Really??  We sowed stress and resistance hoping to reap peace??

If peace and love are really what we want this Christmas then rather look in that place where they can to be found – in the stillness within just this moment. A practice of cultivating the awareness of stillness, even while participating in a world of traffic, crowded beaches and shopping malls filled with demanding children and hassled adults, will bring rich rewards. Let the world be as it is; find the stillness within with each step you take, for the destination is the journey.   If peace is what you really want then let go of the mind’s need to judge; let go of expectations of future outcomes; accept what is as if you had chosen; allow others to just be, allow yourself to be and  allow the world to be as it is.  In this allowing and accepting we will find the peace and love we seek this Christmas.

And do your yoga.

Much love and blessings over the festive season.

John Homewood


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