Worry is Ego generated

Why do we worry so much?  Well the mind will tell you it’s because you have problems.  The mind will convince you that if you worry, your chances of sorting it out to your satisfaction will be increased.

However in truth worry is there to strengthen the Ego, and leads nowhere. Very few if any challenges or situations in life are resolved satisfactorily by worry.

Real solutions rather arise from a creative, calm and focused intelligence.  This intelligence is blocked by worry. Learning to tame the worrisome mind and tap your higher, creative intelligence puts you on the path to freedom from worry, and allows a more creative and fulfilled life to be experienced and lived.

The Radio 2000 clip above gives some valuable pointers to this path.

I will be conducting  seminars around the country to provide skills to help make this shift.  Please contact cathy@johnhomewood.net for details.