Are you able to experience full joy, happiness and freedom in your life right now?

Those who have worked in marketing know the power of advertising in altering human behaviour.  A 60 second advert on prime TV time costs a fortune and usually rewards the advertiser with a huge increased sales.  In just 60 seconds or less of media exposure, human behaviour can and does get changed.

And how much TV and other media has your mind been subjected to in your lifetime thus far?

And what about the mind programming we picked up from the socialization by parents, teachers, and peers?  How many of their ideas has your subconscious mind been subjected to since birth?

The fact that you can walk and talk, the way you hold a knife and fork, what sports you enjoy, are all due to soaking up other people’s intentional mental programming of you. Some serve you very well, many however don’t.
Realise this: the current beliefs and preferences you hold are not necessarily of your own choosing – most, over 99% of them, come from other people’s agendas, including the media and those who control the media.

If you want some one to ‘buy’ your product, you first have to make them feel ‘less than’, fearful or in ‘need’.  Fear and anxiety are the best brainwashing tool ever discovered, as they disconnect people from their true sense of worth as well as their true Being.

On top of all our historical fear programming through years of socialization and ‘education’, in 2020 we have been subjected to the biggest and most intense and insidious marketing campaign this world has ever known.  In marketing we know that the greatest power of persuasion lies in editorial content. And what have we been subjected to this year?

So, you have to ask yourself, how many of the programs running right now in your head are there for your own real benefit?  How many of these (subconscious) programs are inserts and manipulations from people who do not have your best interests at heart? i.e were working with their own agenda?   And how are these programs limiting your intelligence, freedom and potential to live a creative, joy-filled and loving life today?

Is it possible to break free of this programming?

Well the good news is that it IS possible.  But in order to be free, we first have to learn to make the mind our servant, rather than our master.
Being caught up in other people’s beliefs and conditioning creates so much pain and suffering, not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

Freedom from conditioning is what AWAKENING is all about. 

Right now, both individually and collectively, we need to make a choice – a choice between fear and love.  Love is what God gave us, and fear is what the world has programmed us with.  Fear controls the mind, while love, which lives in our hearts, sets us free.

This is a journey, away from what we have been programmed to think we are, back to our true essence, which is love.  It is not easy to undertake this ‘letting go’ process on your own, and it helps to have a guide or two to help you though the sometimes difficult and challenging healing journey.  This journey involves  shedding all the mental baggage that no longer serves you, so you can be truly free once again.

Michelle & I would like to take you by the hand and lead you on a truly transformational Adventure of the Soul, our fifth JOURNEY TO FREEDOM ONLINE COURSE (read what people say below)

This new journey begins on Monday 23rd November at 7pm (SA time / UTC +2) with the first of two free Zoom Gatherings for the fist week. If you miss the call, a recording will be made available for you the following day.

Right now, with all this change and uncertainty upon us, this is potentially one of the greatest opportunities we have this lifetime to truly awaken, both personally and collectively.  We’d love to be there to guide you safely home.

We all have been given a sacred gift from God – Freewill.
Let us now regain our sovereignty, and use the power of this gift to break free from past and current programming.


“Michelle and John are a phenomenal team that are so real, knowledgeable, and really live what they teach, and I could feel that. What they teach comes from their heart and from their real-life experience.” – A Pieczkowska UK

“This has been the biggest impact that any course has ever made on the quality on my life. I say that honesty and with deep gratitude. I feel so much freer from the heaviness of worrying constantly about the future and how to make sure I will be safe and happy. I have learnt how to be in the moment and feel it fully for all the blessings it holds for me. This feels like what freedom is… ” – Agata UK

This course is truly transformational and I’m feeling big shifts happening. I am just so grateful to both of you John and Michelle. You have put something together that is truly a gift…” Dr J Little – Switzerland

 “This has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It integrated all my own pieces of knowledge accumulated through my life into a deep understanding of myself and life…. Thank you for the gentle way you guide each one of us to peel the layers one by one to uncover our own truth.” – K. Voltolin South Africa

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