We are now going through a period of immense change, both on an inner level as well in our outer world. Easter is a time for breaking from the normal flow of life, spending time contemplating the deeper aspects of life.

Our inner most dominant thoughts and feelings become our outer tangible reality. You maybe starting to become aware of the fact that whatever you give your emotions to becomes your reality.

According to Eckhart Tolle as well as the Mayan elders, it is now the ending of time. A period of courage; the courage to face and take up the responsibility that it is our thoughts and emotions that create this world. Empowered with this knowledge it is now our responsibility to choose a new Earth built on a new inner realisation.

Focused thought and intelligently focused emotions are the tools which we can use to build a better place to dwell, both for ourselves as well as those around us. For we are one humanity.

I urge you, in spite of the ups and downs of your life stream at this stage, to enter again and again into the still point within you accessible to you in this moment.

The energy of Presence anchors the miraculous energy of Grace into this time and place.

We are so honoured to be alive on this planet at this time, but with it comes great responsibility. It is vital that enough people shift from living from the mind, to being guided by their hearts. Mind is a time-based historical matrix, and the heart is pure true creative awareness, capable of being the vortex for the newness to arise.

“The Sun is starting to wake up after a years-long sleep.” – NASA.

Large amount of energies are coming in to the planet at this time, both on a physical level as well as a spiritual level.  The sunspot activity is now on the increase, emitting much solar radiation. Our bodies may find digesting them a challenge, but it is all necessary for the Shift to occur. Be kind to your bodies– they are doing a marvelous job of realigning at this time. Feed your bodies as much as possible with fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, and most importantly, positive, uplifting thoughts and emotions.

The walls that are crumbling both in our personal world and in the world ‘out there’ are walls that have imprisoned us. It’s now time to wake up to what is real.

There will be more natural as well as man-made disasters, and these are necessary for the realignment of the Earth’s energies.

We can choose to stay in fear or to live in joy – both are accessible to us in every moment – and it’s just a choice. One will lead you, and those you come in contact with, into suffering, the other into peace. Choose responsibly every moment.

Its better to die to who we think we are before who we think we are dies.

“Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists. There in lies the peace of God.” A Course in Miracles

Easter is a time of resurrection. Resurrect the Power, Peace and Presence that is your true nature.

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Blessing over Easter, to you and all of humanity.