Osho –“life is a game where we have made what isn’t more important to us than what is”.

Many people talk of the shadow as if it were a power to be reckoned with –  to be analyzed, fought or destroyed. And that this work might take years if not lifetimes to complete.

But is this really the case?

There are many who would make the shadow into a reality – with substance to control us..But is the shadow not another distraction of the ego to prevent you focusing on that which will heal you – from that which will allow you to see the true light of your own being – right now in this moment?

Maybe there is another way to look at this. Maybe we can see the Shadow as just that, a shadow – , a phantom of egoic perception

In truth, a shadow has no power of its own.  The only power it has, is the power to distract and capture our attention, robbing us of our true power, which is the power of our presence.

Do not study the shadow, do not seek to understand or outsmart the shadow.

Once you realise that the shadow is merely a shadow, a construct of perception devoid of light, then all that is required is to shine your true authentic Light, your Being, more brightly, more completely into the world of your perception.  As the Light of your awareness and your presence shines brighter, so the shadows and phantoms of the mind naturally dissipate in much the same way as the shadows of the night dissolve with the midday sunshine, with no understanding or effort required.  As the fruit ripens on the branch, so the old dead petals fall away.

The biggest cosmic joke is uncovered when we finally realise that we already are who we have been searching for.  It is impossible for anything, real or imagined, to ever truly take us away from that magnificence.