Death is man’s greatest fear, and yet in truth it is also our greatest opportunity to awaken.  All that arises in ‘form’ and ‘time/mind’, passes away.  All forms are unstable, and so in time dissolve back into the primal dust from which they came, to provide the clay from which new forms can be birthed and danced through by eternal Life.

Could it be that it is not death we fear most, but the dissolution of a misperceived ‘self’, birthed in time & mind?

2 500 years ago, Siddhartha Gautama (better known as the Buddha) said that attachment is the root of all human suffering.

I see death as a unique and sacred opportunity to surrender our attachment to form, and realise (see with real eyes), our true eternal Self – the formless essence of pure Presence –  ‘I AM’.

In the recognition and acceptance of this timeless essence is Divine and eternal Peace.

Burn up the time/mind identity with the fire of Presence, and allow the Light & Love of God fully into your awareness here and now.

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