Feelings, irrespective of what many people believe, are not a good barometer of ‘truth’, but rather can be seen as a reflection and a physically felt manifestation in our body of our unconscious thought processes.  And most of our feelings come from entrenched thought-patterns, our history, fears, expectations and deeply held beliefs.

Most feelings are emotional in nature and are not there to guide us but to let us know that there is something that needs to be looked at that we are creating by our internal processing and (mis?)perception of information.  Our emotions need to be owned and accepted as self-created and never projected out onto people, situations or events. They are ours and are generally being generated by our own thoughts, judgements and quite often, misperceptions.

Intuitive awareness and guidance is something else.  Intuition comes from a quiet still place within us and has no emotion attached to it. It’s just a sense of quiet knowing, not laced with fear but just that sense of knowing what is.  The more we stand in presence, the more this intuitive intelligence can guide us in life.

It has been said that God speaks to us in stillness, and all else is a bad translation.  So often our feelings and emotions are bad translations of the truth as they are coloured by our thoughts, fears and misconceptions.

Today’s affirmation:  “I TRUST THE STILLNESS WITHIN.”

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