At this time many people celebrate Passover or the Resurrection of Jesus, and while the many dig into matzos or hot cross buns and Easter eggs (or both!) how much thought goes into what real resurrection and liberation means? And what the deeper symbolism is of the cross?
The cross is an ancient symbol dating from the later Stone Age.
From my perspective, the horizontal bar in the symbol of the cross represents the horizontal plane of existence, ruled by time – a procession from past to future.The horizontal plane is the human journey from birth to death in the physical plane.
This is the 4th dimension (3 of space and 1 of time), and is a mind-made matrix of ‘story’ which mankind has lost itself in – looking to past-time for their identity, while hoping for some magical or mystical event in future-time to save them from their pain and suffering, bringing them eternal life free from struggle in this ever changing dimension. Most religions are trapped in this mind-made paradigm (The Matrix) – trapped in time – missing the real gift of Life itself.
The upright column or vertical plane in the cross symbolises the the depth of life, free of mind-time. This plane is not dependent on things, people or circumstances being a certain way or appearing in a certain form in order for happiness and fulfillment to be experienced. This vertical plane appears to the mind as the narrow gap between past and future. It is in fact, not a tiny gap, but eternity. The present moment is where spirit dwells, where freedom from the bondage, stress and suffering from time/memory and anticipation is revealed, and the depth of abundant joyful life is directly experienced.
While the horizontal plane is ruled by fear (false evidence appearing real) – and where time and materialism matter most, creating gravity and heaviness in our lives – the vertical plane represents the depth of Spirit and Life eternal, and is experienced as Lightness in essence.
You see, Life is only ever Now. You are only ever alive Now. You can only experience love, joy, peace and gratitude Now. This eternal Now is reality. The only place you can have abundant life is Now.
In truth we can only ever really BE in the vertical plane; this is the only place we can fully experience life now. However, the mind has constructed an illusionary world which we have come to believe is more real than reality. We have made ‘our’ world of past and future more important than God’s world of Spirit/Presence; God is Omni Present, while the mind is past and future.
While many have constructed idols of the past and idols in the future, the true God of Life is only ever Now. This is the abundant Life Jesus spoke of; the depth of Life itself.
There is a law of the universe which says that whatever you invest your awareness in, expands. Most humans have invested their whole awareness in the horizontal plane – of history and future. But as we start to wake up we realise we have been missing the ‘here and now’, the only place Life, Peace, Joy and Love are to be found. As we start to refocus our awareness back into the ‘here and now’, we find trust, and once more start to live a life of true Freedom – freedom from control, fear and past programming – freedom to Live Life fully with ease, now.
My suggestion for Easter: decide to die to the old matrix, decide to make the Present moment more important than your ‘story’ – resurrect to the Power of Presence, for God is Omni-Present.
The fullness of God is in the present moment – do not seek elsewhere.
Happy Easter!