Astrologers have interesting things to say about 2022

Unprecedented  times we are moving through, wouldn’t you agree?
Yet something beautiful is being born…

(Please see Michelle’s latest Astro update for the year below)

Gradually, what was once previously hidden is being revealed to us who have eyes to see, and there is possibly even more pain and ugliness still to come out into the open.  We need both emotional as well as spiritual tools to help us cope with the coming changes.  We need spiritual resilience.

What is becoming blatantly obvious to many is that a pervading evil has controlled much of what has been happening in our world over the last two years.  This evilness is not something new; it has been perverting the human journey for thousands of years already.  Look at what happened 2000 years ago to a Light Worker who threatened the powers that be.

Many people are experiencing feelings of disempowerment and despondency with the situation in the world.  There appears to be no clear resolution or hope in sight at this stage, with many seeing this as a march towards a totalitarian world government and transhumanism.

The human species and the world as we know it seems to be teetering on the edge of an apocalypse!!

Well, perhaps we are, and maybe that’s not a bad thing!

“Apocalypse” comes from Greek, which is the original language of the Book of Revelation. It means “uncover, disclose, reveal.”

In South Africa, at the end of the apartheid era, we had The Truth & Reconciliation Commission, headed by the now recently deceased Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  It was felt that in order for South Africa to heal and move on as a nation, we had to first face the atrocities and injustices of the past.

In a larger but less formalised way, maybe this is what needs to happen on a global scale?  To turn over the rock and see the grubs underneath the surface of normality?

Prior to shifting to a new and higher level of consciousness, humankind first has to see clearly the ‘sins of the past’, not to punish anyone, but to recognise and own the full horror played out in the world over the last few centuries – a world permeated by a consciousness based in fear, greed and egoic self-aggrandizement.

Only after having recognised, accepted the real situation, and then forgiven the world as well as ourselves for having taken this road, are we then free to move forward in a new direction.  We can then build a new world based on a consciousness no longer of fear and greed, but rather one of community, compassion, caring, love as a reverence for the Divine.

While this process may appear to be focused outwardly on global issues, it is vital to recognise ‘as above so below, as within so without’, and for each one of us to own our own darkness, and to bring this darkness into the light of conscious awareness.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” – Eckhart Tolle

The healing of our personal inner world and the baggage we still carry is not only vital for each one of us individually at this time but is imperative for the Earth’s evolution into the 5th Dimension.

We are like drops of water in an ocean.  As we cleanse ourselves, so we actively participate in the cleansing of the whole.  As we raise our own consciousness, so we make it easier for others to step into the light.

The Universe, I believe, is providing us with en opening in the energetic light grids right now.  This is an auspicious and important time for us to do this inner healing/clearing/awareness ‘work’.  This is a time of letting go – letting go of old beliefs, old habits, old ways of living our lives, and opening to brand new possibilities for both ourselves as well as humanity.

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This is what one previous Journeyer had to say:

This has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It integrated all my own pieces of knowledge accumulated through my life into a deep understanding of myself and life. It doesn’t seem real that one can experience such amazing shifts in 13 weeks that I know will never leave me, my roots are now deep, I stand strong and remember who I am.
Thank you for the gentle way you guide each one of us to peel the layers one by one to uncover our own truth.” K. VOLTOLIN

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We have within us the incredible power of imagination.  Our ability to use this power has been dulled and perverted by both our education system as well as the media. Most of what we think and imagine is throttled by these filters.  In truth, our future reality is limited only by our ability to imagine it, free of the constrictions of the past.

Now is the time to reawaken this God given Power, and become active participants in creating the world we want for ourselves, our children as well as our grandchildren to live in.

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Love is the answer, and Presence is always the portal into peace.

Much love

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