LUCID LIVING – The golden key to a Stress free Life (Download) – John Homewood


Track Listing:

  1. Welcome
  2. The Space Between Thoughts
  3. The Path To Discovery
  4. The Dangers Of Comfort
  5. What Are You?
  6. Who Are You?
  7. Bring Me Peace
  8. Stories Told
  9. The Time To Shift
  10. Nobody is Judging You
  11. Be Here Now
  12. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
  13. Every Living Thing
  14. The Three Beliefs
  15. There Is A Choice
  16. Your Job On This Planet
  17. There is No Other
  18. No Ritual Required
  19. We Have To Change
  20. The End Of Suffering


Stress is a killer; a killer of health, creativity, intelligence and happiness.

JOHN HOMEWOOD is an integrative consciousness life coach, inspirational speaker and founder of Wisdom to Nourish.

In Lucid Living John shares the insights, secrets and wisdom into dissolving stress and shifting into a new healthier way of Being.

John has a passion for expanding people’s awareness and understanding of their own potential. His company, Wisdom to Nourish, provides a range of practical self-growth programmes, CDs, books and DVDs. John’s radio talks, workshops and lectures are mind opening and inspire life shifts.

Isn’t it time to take back your power and ‘wake up’?

John eloquently explores this subject and offers tools for shifting humanity into a more wakeful state of living.

Are we living in a day-dream, and if so how can we wake up into reality?
There can be no freedom without conscious awakening.   “Unless one transforms ones unconsciousness into consciousness there is no freedom” – Osho 1931 – 1990

And as Eckhart Tolle says, “Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

Dissolve your old paradigm now

Recommended for all those wishing to Shift.

Recorded live on the 22nd April 2013 at the Gaia Centre, Howick Kzn South Africa.

2 x CDs running time 1hr 30 min approx.


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