John is an Inspirational Speaker and Teacher, with a passion for sharing the wisdom he has learnt through years of self-reflection, study and life-lessons. His aim is to help others see their own lives from a higher and broader perspective, and feel the joy of the present moment. John calls this move into new awareness, “The Shift Experience”.

Whether coaching individuals, in person or by distance, or teaching small groups, or large workshops, John’s aim is to transform your understanding of life, letting go of the old paradigms.

Whatever your situation, challenges or hopes, you too can have The Awakening Shift Experience, and change your life for the better.

Seeing the bigger picture and integrating that understanding into a new functioning whole allows us to experience peace.


Liz Kitchen made her transistion to the higher dimensions on the 25th April 2017.  Her physical presence is mourned by many, however her spiritual essence is still ever present to guide all who knew her.  She is so loved.

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