JOHN HOMEWOOD is an integrative consciousness and human potential life coach, inspirational speaker and founder of Mind Enhancement Systems cc and Wisdom to Nourish. John has inspired many with his radio and TV talks as well as seminars and retreats.


John’s early career in the corporate world was a climb from sales to senior management, and by the age of 30 was a director of a publically listed company before leaving to start his own business.

John has a passion for expanding and opening people’s awareness and understanding of life, unlocking their inner potential and facilitating life-shifts. He has the ability to impart deep truths in an easy and understandable way, and his talks and workshops leave participants greatly enriched, uplifted and inspired.

John offers one on one coaching and consulting, and also conducts:

  • Stress Management seminars.
  • Effective Speaking & Presentation Skills workshops.
  • Mindfulness in Business and Personal Empowerment seminars.
  • Shift Experience – Going Deeper into Awakening –  life changing self-realisation workshops and retreats.

John produces a range of brain-wave audio programs under the brand MindSync®, which make use of the powerful Theta brain state to help unlock creative problem solving, goal setting, weight loss or healing, and Beta for concentration and mental focus.

John also provides life guidance, making use of the BECTA® – a bio-feedback computer program.

John works from within South Africa as well as overseas venues.


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