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John Homewood’s insightful wisdom teaching will help clear your mind & soul of its emotional & mental ‘stuckness’ and move into FLOW




“John, Thank you…… Thank you, you have succeeded in shedding a beautiful white light on me…. I now experience a depth inside myself that was previously unknown to me… This depth permeates through me, to the people that consult with me…I can only use the word ……. Love…. to explain this. This stillness is inspiring and beautifully addictive ” I will not go back to sleep “ In love and Light.”  Gerhard B. – Pretoria



Friday 13 – Sunday 15 September 2019
22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts

Venue to be confirmed
Friday 27 – Saturday 28 September 2019

Cape Town
Venue to be confirmed
Friday 11 – Saturday 13 October 2019


FLOW work is integrated into THE ART OF AWAKENING
5 day retreat 1st – 5th November 2019



Is FLOW what you really want?

Freedom from grief, depression and anxiety

Freedom from need, fear and wanting

Freedom from jealousy and regret

Freedom from lack of self-worth

Freedom from non-forgiveness

Freedom from past pain

Freedom in Presence




“Flow is not something that the world can give us, for the world is merely a mirror.
Flow is the fragrance of an awakened and self-realised Awareness.
Our journey now is to awaken this flow within us.”John Homewood




Dissolve your old imprisoned self … and set yourself free now…

This workshop is based on John’s own deep wisdom and insights, and also draws on the enlightened teaching such as Eckhart Tolle and A Course in Miracles.

“John has the gift of imparting deep truths in an easy and understandable way; his retreats leave you uplifted and inspired…”

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Tel: Cathy: +27(0)82 819 0527


It’s easy to let anxious thoughts of scarcity and judgment rule the day. AWAKENING TO FLOW brings us a liberating shift:…

John Homewood teaches our greatest relief can be found in the FLOW of the present moment.

AWAKENING TO FLOW offers teachings and practical tools to help us transcend the compulsive thinking and worrying mind that keeps us from creating a better world. This workshop will deepen your experience of FLOW and “space consciousness,” as you explore:

• Bringing a relaxed vigilance to your inner state in order to embrace emotions with compassionate awareness

• Finding freedom from the ego and the conditioned mind, which create illusions of need, and blocks effortless FLOW

• How to align with the Presence — the ultimate container of the many “forms that come and go”

• Awakening to the essence of yourself and others—the timeless truth of existence itself

Eckhart Tolle
“If you want sanity, then the focus of your life must be the present moment.
Looking for your identity in the past or for fulfillment in the future is madness.”

Awakening to FLOW is your opportunity to begin a life without struggle, where the joy of being pervades your actions, and “a blessing lives through you.”

It’s easy to let anxious thoughts of scarcity and judgment rule the day. Our greatest relief can be found in the present moment.


A life changing mind and spirit invigorating transformative experience, clearing away the old mental cobwebs and inviting the fresh new potential of Spring into your life.

Clear blockages we carry to:

  • Abundance
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Fulfillment
  • the Joy of living 

Learn how to  align with your Natural Inspired Flow State.


Friday 13 – Sunday 15 September 2019
22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts

6pm – 8pm Friday 13th (Introduction to FLOW which anyone may attend – R150 – free for those attending the weekend)
9am – 6pm Saturday 14th
9am – 5pm Sunday 15th

R2250 (incl all material, teas and lunches.)
Early Bird R1850 – deadline 25 August  2019

This transformational workshop will provide you with the opportunity to make a vital life-changing shift in your life which will open the tap and to clear the blockages to FLOW that have prevented you from living a healthy and joy filled, peaceful and abundant life.

Participants leave with a joy-filled heart, a greater clarity of mind and purity of spirit.


“In all my years of nearly 80 years I have attended many courses, workshops and seminars but I can honestly say that John’s workshop is the best and most amazing I have ever attended. His presentation, his person, his energy and love moved me beyond words. I came seeking peace and I found more that I had hoped for. Thank you John. Namaste” Colin Katz

“There are no words to describe the love that has opened up inside of me and the gratitude for all I have and all I am and for you who helped awaken this.  Thank you thank you thank you!” – Charene


For latest pricing and details email:

Tel: Cathy: +27(0)82 819 0527

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